This is NOT the Great State of Dan Patrick

The last time a looked, I was supposed to be living in the “Great State of Texas” not in “Dan Patrick Land”. Lt. Dan seems to think that as the Lt. Governor he has the right to push a personal agenda through the legislature. Bad news Lt. Dan, you are there to represent the people of Texas, not yourself and your narrow views.

I believe that if many of the issues that are being pushed by Lt. Dan were put to a vote of the people of Texas would probably have a completely different response than Lt. Dan desires.

In a recent post, Diane Ravitch cited a report by Mike Wilkinson of Bridge magazine regarding the results of vouchers in the hometown of Education Secretary DeVos. The result from the vouchers is a new round of segregation; racial segregation, religious segregation, socioeconomic segregation.

Vouchers have always been a failure and will continue to be a failure. In the end, vouchers are only designed to separate the wealthy from the poor and the white from all other races. Vouchers are all about segregation.

It is time for the people of the Great State of Texas to tell Lt. Dan how they really feel. Tell him you are tired of him wasting the state’s time and money pushing an agenda that is unnecessary and unwanted.

The Texas House of Representative has spoken regarding vouchers, they said no. Even after the defeat of the measure in the House, Lt. Dan is still trying to find a way to sneak them into the budget.

I see a scenario in which the Senate budget committee holds up the budget until Lt. Dan gets his way.

Remember this in 2018 when he is up for defeat during the November elections. He must be defeated and removed from office. He is bad for children. He is bad for the people of Texas. He is just bad.

David R Taylor

29 Year Teacher, Coach, and Principal


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