I Want To Be Governor of the State of Texas, Part 3

Between the presidential election in 2016, subsequent cabinet appoints for Trump and the wacky agenda of Lt. Dan in the Texas Senate, it is time for change.

The following people are up for defeat in 2018:


  1. Ted Cruz, US Senator
  2. Greg Abbott, Governor
  3. Dan Patrick, Lt. Governor

These men are only in this to self-promote and glorify themselves. Lt. Dan has his private agenda that includes bathroom bill and school vouchers that he is wasting time on during this legislative session.

On April 6th, 2017, the House of Representatives voted down a voucher proposal to put it to rest for this session. They are more than likely going to vote down the bathroom bill. I look for Lt. Dan to exercise his bully pulpit and refuse to pass any budget passed by the house as retaliation; he is that petty a person.

When I become governor, it will be about the people, not about my own glorification. My glory will come in helping the people and children of this state.

As a career educator, I expect educators to step forward and be heard. It is time to stop being “sheeple”, just going along to get along. Stand up for what is right in education. Stand up for your students.

It can start by electing me as your next Governor of Texas.

David R. Taylor

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