How School Choice Segregated the Public Schools of Michigan, Home of the DeVos Family

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School choice produces segregation: racial segregation, religious segregation, socioeconomic segregation. That is why the idea of school choice originated with Southern governors in the wake of the Brown V. Board of Education decision. They were determined to defend racially separate public schools. Their strategy was school choice. They knew that if students could choose their schools, they could preserve segregation. The federal courts put a halt to that. For more on that, read Mercedes Schneider’s fine book School Choice, which provides a history of this idea in the United States.

But now along comes the Trump administration and Betsy DeVos telling us that school choice is the “civil rights issue of our time.”

This would be a sick joke if it weren’t so serious.

The latest evidence on this front comes from Michigan, where MLive, which is read across the state, reports that racial segregation has intensified as school…

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1 Response to How School Choice Segregated the Public Schools of Michigan, Home of the DeVos Family

  1. joe prichard says:

    I read a lot about Michigan. I know that my nephew, Matt Grossman. and his wife, Sarah Reckhow, are both professors at MSU, and respected, nationally recognized writers. Matt in Politics (Asymmetric Politics) and Sarah (Follow the Money). (no free ride for Bill Gates and others). I do not see them say much about Michigan….maybe they did and I just missed it. They certainly should be equipped to illuminate a lot about DeVos.

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