Rahm Proposes New Requirements for High School Graduation

Once again a politician poking their nose into something they shouldn’t be. He should be more worried about usable life skills like:
1. being able to wash their own clothes
2. cook a meal for themselves
3. fill out a job application correctly
4. How to open a bank account
5. How to write a resume
6. How to dress for an interview
7. How to iron clothes
and a many other day to day skills that are a necessities.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago has proposed that students will not be allowed to graduate from high school unless they can demonstrate their post-high school career plans, including college acceptance, a job or the military.

Since he has been unwilling to fund what is needed to help students succeed (small classes, a full curriculum, school libraries, etc.), it does seem unreasonable to require that students achieve success without a fully funded school experience.

Here is a modest proposal: Suppose he were to fund all public schools in Chicago to match the same resources and opportunities at his own children’s school (the University of Chicago Lab School)? Higher expectations won’t get you very far without the opportunity and resources to meet them.

We will keep an eye on this.

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