CURMUDGUCATION: Scott Walker’s Next Move To Crush Teachers

This clown needs to be voted out of office….fast.

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Scott Walker’s Next Move To Crush Teachers

When it comes to a full frontal assault on public education and the people who provide it, no governor takes a back seat to Wisconsin’s Scott Walker.

Walker’s most famous for his 2011 move to strip public unions of their power to negotiate much of anything, a move that he made one of the foundations of his failed run for President. Act 10 gave school districts the directive to unilaterally shift p4ension and health insurance costs to teachers who, under Act 10, are now allowed to negotiate only wages– and increases in wages are limited by a cost-of-living cap. That means even if a school district could afford to feel generous at the negotiating table, their generosity was limited by law– and whatever…

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