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Are Traditional Public Schools “Franchises”?

Originally posted on deutsch29: Mercedes Schneider's Blog:
According to Investopedia, a franchise is defined as follows: A franchise is a type of license that a party (franchisee) acquires to allow them to have access to a business’s (the franchiser) proprietary knowledge,…

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NEWSFLASH: Betsy DeVos Opens Mouth. Nonsense Falls Out

Originally posted on gadflyonthewallblog:
Betsy DeVos opened her mouth-hole today and a load of crap fell out. And somehow that’s news! Our federal Education Secretary said Wednesday, “I’m not sure how [U.S. public schools] could get a lot worse on…

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Technology “Disrupting” Teaching (Part 2)

Originally posted on Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice:
In the previous post, I argued that the onset of digital technologies since the 1990s had “disrupted” the print media beholden to a business model anchored in advertising revenues.…

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