The Corporate Coup Destroying Our Schools Has Finally Come For Our Government


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First they came for people of color and I said nothing.

Because I am not a person of color.

Then they came for the poor and I said nothing.

For I am not poor.

Then they came for our public schools and I said nothing.

Because I do not send my children to public schools.

Now they’ve come for our government and who is left to speak for me?

This is a paraphrase of Martin Niemöller’s famous lines about the cowardice of German intellectuals during Hitler’s rise to power.

The fascists purged group after group while those who could have stood against them did nothing – until it was too late.

That’s very nearly the position we find ourselves in today in relation to the Trump administration.

The neoliberal and neofascist façade has fallen away. And the naked greed of our runaway capitalist system has been exposed for what it…

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