A Call for the American Psychological Association and Other Professionals: Speak Up!

Diane Ravitch's blog

Many readers are asking the same question: Why isn’t the American Psychological Association speaking out about the misuse of standardized testing? Where are the professors who teach about testing? Why are they silent when children as young as 8 are subjected to hours of testing? Why are they silent when children in middle school are compelled to sit through tests that last longer than college admission tests? Why are they not defending their own standards for the appropriate use of tests? Is their silence a sign of complicity or indifference?

Testing expert Fred Smith wrote in a comment here:

“Not only should the American Psychological Association be petitioning against these exams–but APA should be joined by the National Council on Measurement in Education and the American Educational Research Association in condemning the NYS tests, their publisher and misusers.

“The three organizations jointly set forth and revise the Standards for Educational…

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