Ohio: A Teacher Rebukes Governor Kasich: We Know What We Are Doing, Do You?

There are so many politicians that are so clueless. The odd part is that many of the most clueless happen to be Republicans. It that a coincidence? I’m not sure but it is definitely a pattern.

Bad Governors in no particular order
1. Brownback-Kansas
2. Walker-Wisconsin
3. Christie- New Jersey
4. Cuomo-New York
5. Kasich-Ohio

Those are the 5 that come to mind first, I know there are some I’m missing.

Don’t let forget former governors that created bad situations before leaving office.

1. Little Ricky Perry-Texas
2. Bobby Jindal- Lousiana
3. Jeb Bush- Florida

As educators, we have the power to change this country. We can control elections. We can support the candidates that support public education, no matter what party they belong to. There is too much, I’m voting republican or democrat because I always have. It should not be about the party but about the person running for office and what they stand for.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Julie Rine, a teacher in Ohio, wrote a public letter to Governor John Kasich, rebuking him for his insulting proposal to require teachers to spend a day in a business to learn about how to prepare students.

“Your proposal in the budget to require teachers to complete an “on-site work experience” with a local business as a condition of renewing our teaching licenses is baffling. Even the state legislators in your own party didn’t seem to see the value in it, and have indicated that they most likely will not support it. What exactly did you hope to accomplish by our spending time observing or even participating in a field outside of education? Despite a lot of press coverage, we were given few details about the thinking behind this mind-boggling mandate, but the director of your Office of Workforce Transformation indicated that this added licensing requirement was intended to “help…

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