Mitchell Robinson: Some Advice for Betsy DeVos

Diane Ravitch's blog

Mitchell Robinson, a professor of music education, realizes that DeVos has been off to a rocky start. He has some advice to help her improve on the job.

First he tries to explain that professors and teachers don’t tell their students what to think, they try to teach them how to think.

And he feels her pain.

Betsy, it looks like you’ve had a busy first week on the job, and aren’t letting your complete lack of experience or knowledge about public education get in the way of “getting stuff done“. In just the last week or so you…

*insulted teachers at a middle school
*bashed protesters, saying they are “hostile” to change and new ideas
*said she would be fine if the department she runs is shut down
*complained that critics want “to make my life a living hell”
*did not participate in the first Twitter chat her department…

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