Gail Collins Gives Us a Few Good Laughs to Help Us Get Through a Time of Madness

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Gail Collins used t be the chief editorial writer for the New York Times. Now she writes a regular column and she is usually very funny.

Her latest column helps us see the bright side of today’s events.

Things could be worse. At least, we are not in Pyongyang.

A sample:

“From the start, the Trump administration was a dark combination of mean and inept. But it was, on occasion, at least sort of mesmerizing. For instance, on Wednesday the nominee for secretary of labor went down the drain. Because somebody thought it was a good plan to go for a cabinet member with a history that includes employing an illegal immigrant housekeeper and an ex-wife who once went on “Oprah” to talk about spousal abuse.

“Things are so dire, people are feeling sympathy for Kellyanne Conway. Did you see that poor woman trying to answer questions about Flynn on…

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