CURMUDGUCATION: DeVos Staying The Course

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Source: CURMUDGUCATION: DeVos Staying The Course

DeVos Staying The Course

Betsy DeVos granted her first interview as Secretary of Education, or even Secretary-nominee, to Ingrid Jacques at the Detroit News.

Jacques could be counted on to treat DeVos with warm, soft, friendly gloves. The deputy editorial page editor has previously told readers that DeVos is all about children, that the EAA is working, and that DeVos showed grit at her hearing. Jacques was a fine choice for a friendly interview.

The confirmation process, led Jacques, was “grueling” with DeVos facing “ferocious and largely personal attacks on her character” as well as attacks about her support of school choice. But in keeping with the sorry-not-sorry tone of the piece, Jacques suggests that it was mean to hammer DeVos for…

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