The Super Bowl Ad that Fox Refused to Run Plus Some Other Great Ones

Diane Ravitch's blog

I saw this ad during the Super Bowl. I didn’t realize that it was significantly altered from its original form.

Watch the video of the unaltered ad, and you will see why Fox required the ad to be edited to remove controversial material.

The Anheuser Busch commercial was also controversial. It tells the story of the journey of Adolphus Busch’s journey to America in the 19th century. It is inspiring and uplifting. Some people were talking about boycotting Anheuser Busch and Budweiser because of the commercial. Sad. Americans have always been proud of the stories of people who struggled to get to this country and to make a way for themselves.

AirBnB aired a commercial that poked a finger in the eye of racism, xenophobia, and the general ugliness of our time.

Coca Cola sponsored an ad that was originally produced in 2014, in which people of all ages…

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