North Carolina: Public School Advocates Start Campaign to “Buy” Senator Burr’s Vote

Diane Ravitch's blog

Following on the great success of the campaign to “buy” Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey’s vote (it raised $60,000 in three days, which will be donated to charities for children in the state), a similar GoFundMe campaign has been launched in North Carolina.

It is a great consciousness-raising activity. The funds will go to an organization that supports public schools.

“Durham, N.C., February 3, 2017: When North Carolina residents Eunice Chang and Lekha Shupeck realized the only way to get Senator Richard Burr’s attention was to buy it, they launched a GoFundMe campaign to do exactly that:

“Betsy DeVos gave $43,200 to Senator Richard Burr’s reelection campaign, and is getting Burr’s vote for a Cabinet seat in return. Meanwhile, as many North Carolina citizens know first-hand, Burr consistently fails to answer constituent concerns.

“He refuses to hold town hall meetings because they “don’t work for him.” It’s near impossible to…

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