North Carolina: Phone Lines of the State’s Republican Senators Are Jammed with DeVos Phone Calls

Diane Ravitch's blog

Both Republican senators in North Carolina have been swamped with calls about Betsy DeVos, mostly opposed to her nomination. The senators are unlikely to oppose DeVos because the Republican party in NC has already pushed charters and vouchers and cyber charters.

Senator Richard Burr thinks that this is a campaign waged by Democrats, who didn’t give her a chance at her hearings. They prejudged her, he says.

But anyone who watched the hearings saw a woman who looked like a deer caught in headlights, unable to define basic federal laws and programs.

Her explanation about schools needing guns to protect against grizzly bears quickly made her the butt of comedy.

My hunch is that if she is confirmed–and I am betting there is plenty of arm-twisting behind the scenes–she won’t last four years. This is a woman who has never actually worked for anyone in her life. Never had to…

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