GoFundMe Campaign to Buy a “No” Vote on DeVos from PA Senator Pat Toomey

I love it. What is good for the goose should be good for the gander.


No kidding.

As of this writing, 678 individuals have raised $11,111 via the GoFundMe link entitled, “Buy Pat Toomey’s Vote”:

Betsy DeVos has donated $55,800 to the campaign of United States Senator Pat Toomey.

Incidentally, despite all evidence to the contrary, Senator Toomey thinks that Betsy DeVos would be a great choice to lead the Department of Education.

Betsy DeVos has never set foot in a classroom, did not send her children to public school, cannot distinguish between proficiency and growth, and thinks that guns should be allowed in schools in the event of grizzly attacks. That fictitious grizzly is about as qualified as Ms. DeVos to run the Department of Education.

If Betsy DeVos can buy Senator Toomey’s vote, we should be allowed to do the same.

If, of course, Senator Toomey does not wish to accept any funds raised*, all money will be donated to Camp Sojourner, the…

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