The Onion: Kellyanne Conway Explains Her Defense of Trump

Diane Ravitch's blog

Before we go any further, let me remind you that “The Onion” is satire. But these days, satire seems to make more sense than the news, since we now know there are””alternate realities” and facts are a matter of opinion.

In this post, Kellyanne Conway apologizes for the lies she tells daily. She says she is just trying to save her father from a curse that was placed in him many years ago.

“Listen, I completely understand why everyone is furious with me. You don’t think that I know there are disgusting, reprehensible, dangerous things coming out of my mouth at all times? That my vile, indefensible words seek only to shelter the nation’s newly installed administration from the slightest shred of accountability? And that I’ve done it all with a self-righteous arrogance that suggests outright contempt for the truth and our nation’s founding principles? Of course I do…

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