Ellen Lubic: “The New Normal” is “Alternative Facts”

Diane Ravitch's blog

Ellen Lubic is a professor of public policy and a frequent commenter on this blog. This article appeared in City Watch in Los Angeles.

She writes:

Many of us in this election season have referred to the Trump ‘anshluss’ as a world of ‘smoke and mirrors’, and we were correct. But now we know from the twisted mouth of his hired gun, KellyAnne Conway, that it is really not so much calculated duplicity, but rather it is a presentation of “alternative facts.” She says we must look at the news as “BROADcast, not NARROWcast.” A whole new political vocabulary has emerged from the Trumpists in our new ‘post factual’ world. Veracity is now in the eyes and ears of the beholder. 
As a student, and then a professor, of public policy, I learned early on that a fact was considered true when, as a thesis, it was proven by non…

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