EduShyster: Betsy DeVos’s Alternative Facts

Diane Ravitch's blog

Kellyanne Conway may go down in American history for coining the term “alternative facts,” which apparently means that “facts” are whatever you think they are; that if someone says that 2+2=4, there are “alternative” ways to reach a different conclusion. For example, 2+2 might actually equally 3 or 7 or 41, depending on what the meaning of “facts” is. Some people believe that “alternative facts” is actually a synonym for falsehoods. Or, lies.

EduShyster  delved deeply into Michigan politics and discovered that Betsy DeVos, on track to become Trump’s Secretary of Education (another of Trump’s little jokes) has her own “alternative facts.” 

DeVos has said that if confirmed, she will not give up her financial stake in a company called Neurocore, because–well, Trump didn’t release his tax returns and didn’t end his conflicts of interest, so why should she?

But apparently she believes in this company. EduShyster reviews its claims…

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