A Millennial’s Perspective on the Current American Climate

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Disclaimer:  This is a perspective piece, who’s purpose is to  create objective, bipartisan thought and discussion.  Discussion is welcome, but will need to remain respectful. 

What a time to be alive… We, the American people, are more distracted, depressed, pessimistic, disengaged, insulted, offended, and separated than ever.  We are, at the same time, in the midst of the greatest age of human history… The information age has given us the tools to truly accomplish anything we want, and these tools are getting better and cheaper by the year. Things like education, healthcare, access to jobs: Literally all at our fingertips.

We say we want to grow. We say we want to move forward and accelerate our lives in an age that has the capacity to truly do so. We say we need to do this at a pace that exceeds the rest of the world.

No matter one’s political affiliation, I think…

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