Peter Greene Confesses: Trump is Right: I am Flush with Cash and I Don’t Teach Anything!

Diane Ravitch's blog

Peter Greene admits that Trump called him out.

Peter is rolling in dough because he is a teacher. He has a maid and a butler and a Lexus and a BMW.  His school is flush with cash. When he is in school, he is careful never to teach anything to anyone, certainly not to the beautiful ones. If he makes a mistake and accidentally teaches something, he could be in trouble with the union. Oh, no!

It’s the most fundamental oath we take when we join the vast union-run government school conspiracy– whatever you do, make sure that you deprive students of all knowledge (especially the young and beautiful ones– it’s generally allowed to slip a few bits of knowledge to the older and ugly ones).

But I had done it. I had failed to deprive Susie of all knowledge, and now my union bosses will probably call me in…

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