Peter Greene: The DeVos Gong Show

Diane Ravitch's blog

Peter Greene didn’t see the whole hearing because he was teaching. But he saw enough to know this was a play with preordained roles. A sort of political theater. Democrats stewed (although they didn’t berate Duncan for having similar ambitions). Republicans protected Mrs. Moneybags and praised her sacrifice, her willingness to mingle with us commoners.

She was smug, because she knew the hearing was unimportant.

“The closest thing the woman has to educational experience is being the political muscle behind the Detroit Experiment. The DeVos’s are perhaps the only people who are in touch with every major player in that charter revolution, and they’ve been on top of it for decades. She has served as a self-appointed official of the state of Michigan with education at the top of her portfolio. It is the one card she had to play against the “inexperienced” charge– and she totally blew it. She…

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