Democracy Now: Did Betsy DeVos Lie to the Senate Committee?

The really sad part of this process is that with a Republican majority she will get a rubber stamp approval. It won’t matter how many warts she has and how big they are…..She was nominated, therefore should be appointed.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Betsy DeVos was asked during her Senate hearing whether her mother’s foundation had funded the anti-gay Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council.she claimed ignorance and insisted that her mother made her own decisions; besides, she insisted, she was not a member of the board of her mother’s foundation.

Interviewed on “Democracy Now,” Jeremy Scahill said that Betsy DeVos is listed as a vice-president of her mother’s foundation for several years. DeVos said it was “a clerical error.” Her mother was a founder of both organizations.

If I were a member of the DeVos family, I would hire a new accountant.

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