My Thoughts on the Presidential Inauguration

We had the election in November. Some people cheered for the results and some cried. On Friday, January 20, 2017, it won’t matter. The next president is being sworn in at 12 noon ET and there is not anything that can be done about it.

I have two desires that I would like to follow the swearing-in on Friday. For those that cried when Donald Trump was elected, continue to pray that it is not as bad as you initially thought might be. Pray that he softens his stance on some of his previous statements. It is all you can do at this point. Only God can change the heart and mind of someone like Donald Trump.

For those of you who are Trump supporters, please be wary of his promises. He does possess the ability to not live up to many of them. I hope he creates more jobs, jump starts the economy, reduces that debt, and secures our borders (without building a wall).

In regards to his education policies, Heaven help us all. He wants to put a person in place as the Secretary of Education that is only concerned about increasing charter schools and vouchers while ignoring the fact that 90% of the children in the country attend public schools. As a fellow blogger pointed out the very nature of school choice is rooted in racism. Those that have have been trying to keep those that don’t have from getting a piece of the pie.

If Trump truly wants to improve education, specifically public education then it has to begin with addressing poverty. Stop by penalizing schools because they teach a high percentage of students in poverty.

On Friday, January 6, 2017, the Texas Education Agency released preliminary or ‘What if” grades for districts and campuses. I took a closer look and this is what I found.

All that the released grades showed was that poor schools got lower grades.

It is a time to pray for our next president and our country.

David R. Taylor

29-Year Teacher, Coach and Principal





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