Poet: I Can’t Answer the Questions about My Poems on Texas Standardized Test!

This is typical of the Texas STAAR Test. 20% of each test each spring consist of “field questions” that are being tested for future use.

Students waste time answering questions that don’t count toward passing a timed test. A couple of years ago, high school ELA students had to write an entire one-page essay that was a field test question, what a waste of time!

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This is hilarious! http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_586d5517e4b0c3539e80c341/ampA poet learned that two of her poems are being used on the Texas standardized tests in Texas.

When she looked at the questions, she couldn’t get the right answer!

Sara Holbrook apologizes to the children and teachersof Texas.

“Seriously? Hundreds of my poems in print and they choose THAT one? Self-loathing and self-hate? Kids need an extra serving of those emotions on testing day?

“I apologize to those kids. I apologize to their teachers. Boy howdy, I apologize to the entire state of Texas. I know the ‘90s were supposed to be some kind of golden age, but I had my bad days and, clearly, these words are the pan drippings of one of them. Did I have a purpose for writing it?

“Does survival count?”

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