Rebecca Mead: Betsy DeVos and the Plan to Break Public Education

The thought that keeps entering my mind is “how much damage will she do?” and “will we be able to reverse that damage in 4 years?

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Rebecca Mead, staff writer at The anew Yorker, outlines the advantages that Betsy DeVos offers:

She has no ties to Vladimir Putin; she hasn’t spread fake news; she apparently has no plans to dismantle the U.S. Department of Education. Of these three “advantages,” I feel confident only about the first one. Her persistent lambasting of public schools is fake news. And it remains to be seen whether she will close down the ED Department.

Of this we can be confident: she is the first Secretary of Education who is actively hostile to public education. She is an extremist ideologue. She is unfit to manage a large government agency that is responsible not only for aid to poor children in K-12 but for aid to higher education, student debt, aid to special education, education research, and a variety of other programs about which she is inexperienced and uninformed.

Mead writes:


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