John Merrow: Remembering the Civil Rights Struggles of the 1960s, Part 2

Diane Ravitch's blog

John Merrow posted a moving description of a trip he made with his wife and a group of others to the landmarks of the civil rights movement. In part 1, the group visited Mississippi, revisiting the scene of brutal murders. Part 2 is an account of their visit to Alabama, which included the Rosa Parks Museum, the church where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was pastor, and Dr. King’s home, which was firebombed.

This is an important history lesson, although for John and me and others of a certain age, the events are fresh in our memories.

I found this passage especially poignant, when John and the group visits Dr. King’s home:

He writes:

Visitors are free to walk into Dr. King’s small study, even to touch his books and his collection of LP record albums. To pick up the rotary phone and imagine hate-filled voices threatening the…

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