Gary Rubinstein: The Mystery of the Missing Success Academy Regents’ Scores

Diane Ravitch's blog

Gary Rubinstein wondered: Where are the High School Regents’ exam scores for Success Academy students? 

He writes:

“About a year ago I found myself in a snafu of red tape as I attempted to track down the high school test results for the famed Success Academy Charter School Network. Though Success Academy is known for its stellar 3-8 Math and ELA test scores in New York State, much less is known about how students perform after 8th grade.

“One reason for this is that most of the Success Academy schools only have younger students. Of the schools that do have the upper grades, the number of students in each grade is very small because of attrition and Success Academy’s refusal to ‘backfill’ student who leave with other eager students from their mythical waiting list.

“The oldest Success Academy students began the school known as Success Academy Harlem I in 2006…

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