The Dangers of Addiction to Video Gaming

I have a feeling that this is just one example of what will become an epidemic. Kids are so addicted to their technology that they are unable to be away from it for more than a few minutes without suffering the early signs of withdrawal.

Diane Ravitch's blog

The Washington Post ran a deeply disturbing story about a boy who became addicted to multi-player video gaming on the Internet. His life was consumed with gaming. His parents were distraught. When they tried to get him to turn off the computer, he had outbursts of rage.

His mother asked him, please, turn off the computer. It’s late.

Their voices got louder. She doesn’t remember exactly what made him reach for the glass on his bedside table. He threw it with such force that it spun across the room and shattered against his closet door, carving a two-inch gash in the white painted wood. Tiny shards glinted on the striped rug.

By then, the family’s stately home in New York was riddled with such scars — nicks in the walls, scratches in the floor, a divot in the marble countertop lining the kitchen sink. All remnants of the boy’s outbursts…

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