Mike Rose Reflects on Trump, Celebrity Culture, and the White Working Class

Diane Ravitch's blog

Mike Rose is a gifted writer who has written many books about education, work, and culture.

In this post, he reflects on the meaning of the election. I exchanged emails with Mike, and he told me felt paralyzed by the election. And then he wrote this essay, which I think you will enjoy reading.

He begins like this:

Some friends and readers have been wondering why I haven’t written anything about the presidential election. The truth is I was numb with disbelief and anger and felt as hopeless about politics as I can remember feeling. What else was there to say other than the obvious: so much pain is going to be inflicted on so many. I also couldn’t get out of my head the fact that if a relatively small number of people in a handful of districts in a few states had voted or voted differently, this catastrophe…

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