Pete Tucker: Thank the Koch Brothers for Trump’s Election


Diane Ravitch's blog

Pete Tucker, D.C. journalist, says that the power behind the Trump candidacy were the infamous rightwing billionaire Koch brothers.

If you need documentation, read Jane Mayer’s investigative book, Dark Money, which Tucker cites in his article.

David Koch ran for vice-president on the Libertarian Party ticket. It received 1% of the vote. Since then, the Koch brothers have used their money to change the country.

Tucker writes:

The brothers began clandestinely partnering with fellow billionaires to secretly fund a vast network of right-wing organizations, dubbed the “Kochtopus” by critics.

The Kochs and their allies learned that “if they pooled their vast resources,” writes Mayer, “they could fund an interlocking array of organizations that could work in tandem to influence and ultimately control academic institutions, think tanks, the courts, statehouses, Congress, and, they hoped, the presidency…”

The Koch network has taken decades to perfect. Win or lose, it doesn’t dismantle after…

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