Steven Singer: Top Ten Reasons School Choice is No Choice

Diane Ravitch's blog

Steven Singer, who teaches in Pennsylvania, lists the top ten reasons why school choice is no choice. 

Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos believe that school choice is the best possible education ponies, including vouchers, charter schools, perhaps trade schools and home schooling. Maybe anyone who puts the word “School”  on a building will get part of the bobanza.

Singer shows what is wrong with school choice. Here are four of his ten reasons why school choice is no choice. Open the post to see the links and read the other six:

“On the surface of it, school choice sounds like a great idea.

“Parents will get to shop for schools and pick the one that best suits their children.

“Oh! Look, Honey! This one has an exceptional music program! That one excels in math and science! The drama program at this one is first in the state!

“But that’s not…

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