Utah State Board Has a Terrible Idea: Base Teacher Pay on Evaluations

And the crazy continues

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We know that teacher evaluation is not a science. Either it relies on principal judgment or peer judgment or both, which are subjective; or it relies on test scores, which are “objective,” but notoriously invalid and unreliable because they reflect which students are in the classroom, not teacher quality. Nothing could be more outrageous or demoralizing than tying teacher pay to teacher evaluations, which is what the Utah Board of Education is now considering.

Please write and let them know why this will be very harmful to teachers and students.

One of our readers (Threatened Out West) sent this notice:

The Utah State School Board is planning on voting on Friday to make teacher compensation based on teacher evaluations. This will be a DISASTER.

This is the quote from a newsletter that I saw from one of the members of the board: Proposed Rule Change Would Base District Compensation Primarily…

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One Response to Utah State Board Has a Terrible Idea: Base Teacher Pay on Evaluations

  1. ciedie aech says:

    The 2000 pound elephant in the room is that of our now multiplying number of non-qualified and often VERY thin-skinned and even vengeful teacher “evaluators.” Personally, I’ve been there, done that. http://www.ciedieaech.wordpress.com/2015/10/11/check-it-out

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