Nevada Charter Schools: Lowest Graduation Rates in State


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More on Nevada.

The list of high school graduation rates was posted yesterday. Charter schools had the lowest rates in the state.

The legislature and governor bestow billions on billionaires for stadiums and tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations. But public schools go without basic supplies.

To avoid paying for public schools, the legislature opens charter schools and offers vouchers.

But the vouchers explicitly violate the state constitution (which doesn’t necessarily mean the state courts will rule them unconstitutional since conservatives interpret state constitutions very loosely when vouchers are at issue).

And the charters include many of the lowest performing schools in the state (including the amply funded but highly disorganized Andre Agassi charter school) and have the lowest graduation rates.

Read this:

The school with the lowest graduation rate in the state is Silver State Charter School, where only 18% graduated. That’s even worse than ECOT (Electronic…

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