Bill Phillis: The Curious Gulen Schools of Ohio

Diane Ravitch's blog

Bill Phillis, retired deputy superintendent of schools in Ohio and founder of the Ohio Coalition for Equity and Adequacy, fights for full funding of public schools and blows the whistle on charter scams.

In his latest bulletin, he notices the strange governance of the state’s Gulen charters:

“The tangled web of the business operation of Gulen charter schools in Ohio

“17 of the Gulen charters in Ohio have 85 governing board seats. The same 38 individuals fill all 85 seats. Some members sit on as many as four Gulen charter boards. In some cases, board members live 150 miles from the location of the charter. About 85 percent of the board members are of Turkish descent.

“Several of these 38 charter board members also serve on the Concept Management company board, and further on the real estate company board.

“The followers of the Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen, exiled in Saylorsburg…

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