Uganda: Profiting on the Backs of the Poor

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An organization called Bridge International Academies has plans to take over a large part of state education in Africa and replace it with for-profit schools. Free and universal education is a basic human right, according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

But in this brave new world, everything is monetized.

To: AFT Media Affairs

Subject: Education International Report Shows Bridge Academies Abuses in Uganda

For Immediate Release

October 5, 2016


Andrew Crook


Education International Report Shows Rampant Bridge Academies

Abuses in Uganda

WASHINGTON— Education International, the global union federation representing 32 million educators in 170 countries, released a damning report today highlighting the abuses of for-profit school chain Bridge International Academies in Uganda.

The report, “Schooling the Poor Profitably: The Innovations and Deprivations of Bridge International Academies in Uganda,” documents in distressing detail BIA’s disregard for legal and educational standards established by the Ugandan…

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One Response to Uganda: Profiting on the Backs of the Poor

  1. teachingeconomist says:

    Of course the “public” schools in Uganda are not free and teacher absenteeism is around 40%. Hard to blame the teachers though as they often are not paid on time and when they are paid they are paid poorly by local standards. UESCO estimates that 68% of children in Uganda will drop out before they finish their seventh year of school. An estimated 30% of girls drop out of school because of a lack of sanitary pads. About 20% of students in primary grade seven can not read at the primary grade 2 level.

    Context is important. If Dr. Ravitch’s opinion prevails, more generations of students, especially young women, will lose the opportunity of having an education.

    You might want to look at this story before condemning Bridge International:

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