Mitchell Robinson: The Charter Debate Is Over

Diane Ravitch's blog

Mitchell Robinson, a professor of Music at Michigan State, has travelled the world and discovered that others do not share our obsession with charters and standardized testing. The so-called reform movement has blithely closed hundreds or thousands of public schools and replaced many of them with charter schools. In the rush to privatization, reformers forgot about the purpose of public Ed ivatuion, which is not to make students ready for college and careers but ready to lead a good life.

Robinson writes:

“The charter school “debate” is no longer about charter schools vs. public schools (charters are not public schools — that myth has been exploded), or even about “for profit” vs. “not for profit” charters (the evidence HERE suggests this is really a difference without a distinction).”

No, the real issue here is about the true purpose of education, and whether continuing to support two separate but unequal…

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