Jane K. Marshall: Is Donald Trump Running for President of the Class?

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The following comment reflects a teacher’s view of Donald Trump. She thinks he is running because he wants to be the most popular boy, the one who always wins. She thinks he is like a student in middle school or high school. Based on what he has said, I am inclined to think his behavior is more fitting for a six-year-old. In the primaries, he ran an ugly picture of Ted Cruz’s wife online, and when Cruz complained, Trump said to Anderson Cooper on CNN, “He did it first!” When asked about his odd admiration for Vladimir Putin, Trump said, “He praises me, and I praise him” (or words to that effect).

President of the Class

By Jane K. Marshall

I must admit that I once momentarily wondered if perhaps Trump’s candidacy was an incredible ruse to help Hillary win. I mean, it seemed so obvious that Donald wasn’t really…

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