Success Academy Reveals Some Of Their Secret Methods

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In February 2016, The New York Times revealed that a celebrated teacher at Success Academy utilized a teaching technique known as ‘rip and redo’ on an unsuspecting 1st grader.  The chain insisted that this was an anomaly as was the now infamous ‘got to go’ list, also revealed by The New York Times a few months earlier.

One purpose of charters, at least originally, was for them to experiment with things and share their best practices with the public schools.  And of course there are a lot of other things, good and bad, that are happening at Success Academy, but it is pretty amazing that the public doesn’t get a chance to see what they are doing to achieve such unbelievable test scores.  It’s as if one hospital seems to have found the cure to Cancer and scientists are not permitted to verify their claims or learn how the treatment…

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