Random Musings and Observations. . . .

Crazy Crawfish

I’ve been gone a while from the blogging scene. Some of my more regular readers no doubt noticed but did not hassle me about it.

Thank you for that.

Since my brief but intense time in the sun (and subsequent rapid flame-out) I’ve been lurking in the shadows; watching, waiting, and contemplating. Smile

It’s nice not to feel “the panic” anymore; when things don’t go as I expect them, or “the guilt” when I can’t tackle every issue that arises fast enough. I was in constant stress trying to keep track of every doing of every person. No one can do that; not for very long and not very well. For a while I felt like I had some control over things, but if I did it was short lived and that torch needed to be passed onto fresher runners.

I’m glad to see so many folks stepping up and really…

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