Peter Greene: What Did the Gates Foundation Learn?

Question: What did the Gates Foundation Learn?

Answer: Apparently not much because they keep pushing their failed agenda and trying to do it by buying people, the wrong people.

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Peter Greene read the annual report from the CEO of the Gates Foundation, Sue Desmond-Hellman, and asked himself what the foundation had learned from its multi-zillion dollar investment in changing the nation’s education system. Nothing. They learned nothing. They blame “the system” for the failure of their bad ideas. It never occurs to them to examine whether they were wrong.

Bill Gates is never wrong. Unless he says so. And he hasn’t said so, so he can’t be wrong.

Desmond-Hellman cites a fake statistic to alarm readers. “Only 40 percent of students met three of the four college-readiness standards across English, reading, math, and science.”

Greene writes:

“This is a problem both because the basis for saying that in the first place (a study by test manufacturer ACT– so it’s kind of like a study by Ford Motor Company on whether or not Americans have enough cars) and the implication that…

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