LaRaviere on WLS’ “Connected to Chicago”

Power concedes ....

This past Sunday WLS aired a conversation I had with longtime Chicago political journalist Bill Cameron on his show, “Connected to Chicago.”

Audio of the Interview is below.

Some excerpts:

Cameron: Are you for an elected school board?
LaRaviere: I am for a representative school board, and just because it’s elected doesn’t mean it’s going to be representative.  If you can buy the Mayor’s Office you can buy a school board election.  So I think you have to put controls in to ensure the school board will be representative.  For example, having more members on the board and then having those members being tied to specific geographic areas of the city would be a way to increase the likelihood that the board will be representative.

Cameron: Can Rahm be re-elected?
LaRaviere: I don’t think Rahm could be elected dog-catcher; and I think he knows it.  And…

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