Bill Gates tells us why *his* high school was a great learning environment

Seattle Education

Today’s post was submitted by HiPointDem, a supporter of public education:

Lakeside School

Bill’s high school, Lakeside, is Seattle’s most elite private school. The current tuition is $28K (not including food, books, bus, laptop, and field trips).

A bargain, compared to some eastern private schools, but about equal to the median income of all US workers.

Lakeside has a lovely campus that looks kind of like a college campus:

– Faculty is nearly equally balanced between men & women (i.e. Lakeside pays well);
– 79% of faculty have advanced degrees;
– 17% are “faculty of color” (half the students are “students of color,” cough, Asian)
– Student/teacher ratio: 9 to 1
– Average class size: 16
– High school library = 20,000 volumes
– 24 varsity sports offered
– New sports facility offers cryotherapy & hydrotherapy spas
– Full arts program with drama, various choruses, various bands including…

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