The College Board Nonprofit: Paying Bonuses to Its Officers– And More.


On March 28, 2016, Reuters reported that the SAT had been compromised in Asia more than the College Board has publicly acknowledged– and that the College Board used some portions of those exams anyway.

And Josh Horwitz of Quartz reports that the College Board does not plan to address the primary issue fueling the ability for the rampant cheating on the SAT overseas: Recycling of SAT exams.

It makes one wonder just how desperate the College Board is to profit financially on the SAT.

The College Board is a nonprofit, and so is its primary competitor for college entrance exams, the ACT. When former College Board president (and former West Virginia governor), Gaston Caperton, announced his resigning (retiring?) in March 2011, ACT was already commanding more of the college entrance exam market share.

Such market-share competition sounds like what one might expect from two for-profit businesses, not nonprofits.


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