Summit Charter School Teachers Integrating Technology, Part 1–Biology

Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice

Over the decades, in visiting thousands of  classrooms as a superintendent and researcher, a goodly number of teachers I was about to watch would approach me and say, ” I am not teaching today, I am showing a video,” or “my students will be doing worksheets,” or “today I am giving a unit test.” As if these activities were somehow separate from teaching,  not what they or I would consider “real” teaching.  Of course, they knew that the lesson was surely part of their teaching repertoire but these activities, they believed (and assumed that I would share that belief) were less important than covering content, leading a discussion, or explaining concepts. They had a picture of a teacher in front of the class guiding a discussion, explaining content, or demonstrating something and the activity I was going to observe was, well, not teaching.

Catherine Clausen (a pseudonym) didn’t believe that…

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