Another Ohio Charter School Scandal–Becoming Routine 

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Ohio is a state where charters are so loosely regulated that there is no accountability for taxpayers’ dollars.
Someone in the state education department decided it was time to take a look at the enrollment figures in online charters, where fraud has long gone undetected because uninvestigated.
“Aaron Rausch, director of budget and school funding for the Ohio Department of Education, said records for 104 charter schools will be examined this year, including the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, the state’s largest online charter school. Enrollment is used to calculate state funding; ECOT has about 18,000 students.
“ECOT canceled its initial review with the state in February. The review has been rescheduled for this month, Rausch said.
“School officials from ECOT reportedly crafted a softened attendance-tracking amendment — floated recently in the Ohio House — which would require online schools only to offer the statewide minimum 920 hours of instruction…

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1 Response to Another Ohio Charter School Scandal–Becoming Routine 

  1. ciedie aech says:

    Thank you. Ihave never understood how we’ve gotten to that place where it is “optional” to follow the old-days rule of spending a certain amount of hours in the getting of a direct and uninterrupted instruction. We keep “short-shrifting” our students’ academic time — and then complain and whine about the teachers.

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