A Miracle Grows In Brooklyn

Gary Rubinstein's Blog

Five years ago, when I started blogging about education reform, much of what I did was debunking schools that had supposedly beaten the odds by doing things like firing the teachers or by converting a school into a charter school.  At first, this was a lot of work since every few days there would be yet another ‘proof point’ that the Waiting For Superman narrative was true.

After using public data to reveal that these schools were over-hyped, politicians and reformers alike have learned that they probably shouldn’t do this so much because after their claims are fact-checked, they are going to look silly for trying to lie about the results of their experiments.

Still, now and then, a see an article, like the one recently in the New York Daily News by charter school and Michelle Rhee cheerleader Richard Whitmire.  In this case it is an article about a…

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