Every Bill Proposed by La. House Ed Chair Nancy Landry Supports Test-Driven, Corporate Reform

Has anyone checked her bank statements to see who is paying her?

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Nancy Landry (R-Lafayette) is the chair of Louisiana’s 2016 House Education Committee, and every piece of legislation that she has proposed to date for the 2016 regular session intends to either extend or reinforce now-gone-Jindal’s anti-public school, pro-corporate-reform sentiments.

Every one.

nancy landry 2  Nancy Landry

On March 04, 2016,  I wrote a post about her proposed HB 392, which would create an open door for classroom teacher pay to be cut. As it turns out, HB 392 is the one on which Landry apparently put forth the most effort to create.

On Friday, March 04, 2016, Landry filed the following education bills:

HB 875, the goal of which is to keep the testing component of teacher evaluation at 50 percent. What she demonstrates here is her intention to keep in place the current law. It also makes her look productive even though all she really did was remove old…

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