Call for Investigation of Gulen Charter Schools

Diane Ravitch's blog

California BATS are calling for an investigation of the Gulen charter chain. They invite people to sign their petition. Their post includes a list of Gulen schools, which have different names in  different states but are allied with a reclusive Turkish imam who lives in the Poconos. Fethullah Gulen is a controversial leader of a political movement in Turkey, which is opposed by the Turkish government.

There are 155 Gulen schools, which makes the chain either the largest or second to the largest charter chain (after KIPP) in the nation. Gulen schools in certain states have been investigated by the FBI. They have paid for legislators to take trips to Turkey. The boards of their charters typically consist of Turkish nationals.

Some people hesitate to criticize Gulen schools for fear of appearing anti-Muslim.

But this makes impossible to have a rational discussion of the wisdom of turning over public schools to…

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