Jeannie Kaplan: The Failure of Reform in Denver

Diane Ravitch's blog

Jeannie Kaplan served two terms as an elected member of the Denver school board. As a strong supporter of public schools, she has been critical of the “reforms” in her city. Denver has been controlled by “reformers” for a decade. Recently Jeannie was invited by the Boston Teachers Union to explain what has happened in Denver and to assess the “reforms.”

Her remarks appear in full on her blog. Here is an excerpt:

“Public education in Denver despite what you may have heard or read about in the press is a system in chaos. It is a system run by a cabal. It is a system where politics, pardon the expression, trumps good policy and the truth. But let us be very clear: the top reform goal is to undermine teachers’ unions and the education profession.

“I am going to highlight some of what Denverites have witnessed in the past…

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